5 reasons to use InvoiceInsure over traditional trade credit insurance providers

We take a look at what invoice insurance and trade credit insurance have in common but show you why invoice insurance stands out as the best choice for businesses

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider invoice insurance cover with InvoiceInsure instead of traditional trade credit suppliers.

Invoice insurance offers great protection for businesses

Similarly to trade credit insurance, invoice insurance gives your business the safety blanket it needs in increasingly rocky business times. But our invoice insurance has been designed for adaptable and ambitious companies that are ready to propel their progress. Farwell clunky and ill-fitting trade credit insurance policies. Our team at InvoiceInsure protects your business from commercial risks that are beyond your control, ensuring that you are paid each and every time. Invoice insurance with InvoiceInsure opens up your options for achieving fast growth, including thorough client insights, better and more competitive borrowing terms, plus the fundamental help of reducing the risk of bad debt.

Invoice insurance with InvoiceInsure is an online process

We don’t want to waste your time. We don’t want to torture you on the phone with dire on-hold music. Working with us is simple. You fill out a 3-part online form that results in a quote for your business. The price we give is for insuring all of your invoices. You can then make payments in easy, affordable monthly instalments. We are passionate about giving ambitious enterprises the support they need so that they have more time to focus on doing what they do best – running the business. Operating online saves you tiresome and lengthy phone calls and means you can access our services anywhere, anytime.

InvoiceInsure offers client insights with your cover

Not sure about a prospective client and worried that they won’t be a safe bet? Look no further. Our network of credit specialists will help to give you the client insight you need, taking that weight off your shoulders. We have an extensive risk information database that stores real-time information about companies so you don’t have to keep up or keep track. We help you make better business decisions to safeguard you from suffering from client insolvency or protracted default.

Invoice insurance is easy to research and manage

Our platform is designed with you at its heart. Whilst trade credit insurance has been around for longer, the industry is not older or wiser, and so many trade credit insurance sites are outdated and hard to use. Trade credit insurance just isn’t keeping up. At InvoiceInsure we prefer to keep things simple and so you’ll find managing your online account easy and pain free. We work with the best underwriters in the business so if we do need to make any claims due to client insolvency or protracted default, they will be rectified efficiently and you will get any payments you are owed without any sprinkles of stress.

InvoiceInsure understands high growth businesses and their ambitions

Traditional trade credit providers often sell clunky policies that don’t fit dynamic, fast growing businesses well. Tailored more towards larger corporates, the existing trade credit sector hasn’t managed to keep up with the fast changing needs of businesses in today’s market. We understand that you want to grow quickly and need to make informed decisions that will benefit your business, but that you need to make these fast. With our cover, all of your invoices are insured so there’s no need to worry about anything slipping through the net.

We’d be delighted if you get an invoice insurance quote for by clicking the link below – it’s a simple process and won’t take long.