5 comparisons that show the affordability of invoice insurance

Whilst you may think of invoice insurance as yet another cost to take care of, in this blog we’ll show you how it really is more affordable than you might think

The benefits and protections you’ll get for your business in exchange for a little bit each month may come into use when a client goes insolvent or experiences protracted default.

Don’t look back, wishing you had foregone a couple of flat whites instead of losing thousands, choking your cash flow, and being hit by bad-debt.

Most of the high growth companies we researched end up spending more on other important, but not always necessary, outgoings. So here’s some food for thought. Did you know…?

You’re probably spending more on office furniture than invoice insurance

Whilst you may not want to borrow from Japanese culinary traditions and start working cross legged on the floor, office furniture usually ends up costing most high growth companies more than invoice insurance, even if you have a smaller scale set-up. Whilst its not something you should forego, making sure you’re paid for all of the hard work that that office furniture allows you to do is just as important as the chairs and desks themselves. Invoice insurance cover guarantees you will be if a client goes insolvent or suffers from protracted default.

Those caffeine hits may add up to more each month than invoice insurance

Most of us need at least a coffee or two a day to get us going, remain focused and keep us in the zone. But a couple of lattes a day could easily set you back more each month than the cost of invoice insurance for the average high growth company. As well as loading up on coffee, why not gain insight into the financial health of your clients with our network of credit specialists at InvoiceInsure.

Eating lunch out twice a week will likely cost more than invoice insurance

There comes a stage in the week where you just fancy something different instead of yet another tupperware full of last night’s leftovers. And so you should treat yourself. But the money you’re spending on a panini, salad or soup at your local eatery each week is likely to be more costly than your monthly invoice insurance bill. And I’m sure those snacks will taste all the better knowing that your books are taken care of and you have InvoiceInsure securing your cash flow and protecting you from bad debt threats.

Friday pub celebrations may set you back more than invoice insurance

It’s that Friday feeling when 5pm hits and everyone starts getting itchy feet to hot foot it down to your local brewery. And that’s OK, but risky business isn’t. Invoice insurance gives you peace of mind that your cash flow will be protected even if your customers default or go insolvent. You’ll probably need proof of invoice insurance cover to secure further loans from your bank or lender as they prefer safer business too. So make sure to invest in invoice insurance as well as a high-end gin and tonic. Cheers!

You’re probably spending more on office birthdays than you would on invoice insurance

It seems like its a colleague’s birthday almost every week when you share an office. We’re keen on a birthday fund to buy colleagues a small something, plus some sweet treats and a pre-end-of-the-day beverage to celebrate. But making sure you’re being a good boss and treating your staff on special occasions probably adds up to a similar amount each month as invoice insurance does. It depends on the size of your team of course, but do make sure you get your priorities straight, receive outstanding payment for the work that you do and you never know – you may even end up with a little bit extra to spend.

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