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Protect your business against bad debt and make sure your company gets paid.

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Start an online quote in a few minutes, and we’ll help connect you with our carefully selected providers.

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We work with the largest and most stable underwriters in the business to ensure claims are paid efficiently.

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We connect you with our partners who look at the whole market to get you the most competitive quote.

Invoice insurance allows you to insure your invoices against default or insolvency.

It’s a simple product that allows you to focus more on running your business and less on worrying about bad debt. A simple and affordable monthly payment protects you for insolvency and protracted default from your insured clients.

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Secure the future of your business with InvoiceInsure

Strong, secure business growth

Invoice insurance provides you with the security you need to expand your company. Whether you’re meeting new clients or developing existing partnerships, you'll get paid for your work, every time.

Increased borrowing and financing choices

Your company can secure better borrowing terms with the security that comes with invoice insurance. You may even need invoice insurance to qualify for a loan in the first place. Don't risk missing out.

Rigorous insight into clients old and new

Gain valuable insights into current or prospective clients to help you make informed choices moving forward. Making better business decisions keeps your company dynamic, no matter the fiscal climate.

Better risk management

Minimising bad-debt losses will help your business survive and grow healthily. Invoice insurance gives you the confidence that your invoices will be paid even if your clients default so as not to interrupt vital cash flow.

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“The average level of bad debt – debt written off as unrecoverable – has increased by 70pc to £20,043 in 2017 compared to the same period last year.”

Telegraph Connect | Small business

How it works

Getting invoice insurance can be a lengthy process. We make it easy for dynamic companies like yours to take advantage of this type of insurance and protect themselves. Our service is totally free to use, and we may get commission when you take a policy out. This won’t increase the price of your premium.

Start a quote today in minutes.

Just provide us with a few details about your company. Tell us about your clients and where they are. Then our advanced matching function will connect you with selected brokers and insurers in our network to meet your specific needs.

Smaller companies may be connected with our specialist provider of single invoice insurance.

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